Elvis Presley and his passion for karate.

Elvis Presley Loved Karate.Elvis was first exposed to Karate in 1958 after he was drafted into the Army and stationed in Germany. His first instructor was a German shotokan stylist named Juergen Seydel who taught Elvis at his off-base housing in Nauheim until 1958. Elvis was awarded 7th Degree Black Belt in 1973 by Master Rhee and on occasion had the opportunity, himself, to test and promote students of lower rank.

Watch him doing Karate.. Awesome Video

How Victorians Created 3D Pictures . Its Simply Amazing

We All think that 3d is a new technlogy, but you will be surprised that Our Good Old Victorian Era People also used this Technology. So How it was done?, well They took two slightly different images and when moved , it creates a 3D version of the picture.These stereoscope photos became wildly popular in late 1800s.

See these Amazing Vintage 3D Pictures. Its Really Awesome. (use page numbers to navigate)

A Stereograph Showroom, New York City. Read more

Guy Surprises His Girlfriend With the Most Amazing Lip-Dub Proposal.

Bret wanted to do something special when he proposed to the girl of his dreams, Jovan. So, he flew in all her family and friends from across the country and started work on one of the most epic lip-dub proposals ever filmed.

The surprise started when one of her friends, who had invited her out for lunch, grabbed a guitar. Then, they started lip-dubbing to the song Geronimo, by Sheppard. Next, Jovan was surprised by a huge flash mob. Her mom, step dad, brothers, sisters, best friend, nieces and nephews were all part of the mob. They were joined by about 40 professional dancers that came out of nowhere.

It all culminated with Bret getting down on one knee…

The best part about this video is that it will bring an even bigger smile to the faces of all those involved as the years and decades march on. A bit like a fine wine, the memory will only become more valuable with time.

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