15 Weird Animals You Didn’t Know Exist. #7 SCARED ME.

Our Earth is a Strange Place. There are many weird animals who are quiet rare and many people simply dont know about it. Some of these Animals looks like they are straight from Hell or Some Alien Planet.Honestly, these things exist? Iam sure this list will Shock you. Earth is a wonderful Place Full of Mystery.#7 is really cool.

Here are 15 weird animals you didn’t know exist.

1. Star-nosed Mole

The star-nosed mole is adorable in a completely weird way. They can be found in wet areas in Eastern Canada and the Northeastern United States. They have 11 pairs of pink, fleshy appendages that come out of their faces that they use to sense things with.

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This Deep Sea Fish “black swallower” Can Eat Prey 10 Times Its Own Size

The black swallower, Chiasmodon niger, is a species of deep sea fish in the family Chiasmodontidae, notable for its ability to swallow fish larger than itself (for which it is sometimes named the “great swallower”).Most Deep Sea creatures look like they are from alien land. It is due to the extreme high pressure and total darkness. These creatures are straight from Hell. One of these fish called “The Black Swallower” can kill and eat its prey almost 1o times its size. The black swallower fish is an astonishing eater because it can eat other fishes that are more than four times its size. It has a clear survival technique – eat loads when there is a chance, for the reason that the food deep down is scarce. They are greedy buggers as they prey targets that are far too big for their distended stomachs to digest fully. They often die due to indigestion.As the food is very rare in deep sea ocean, these fishes have adapted to eat whatever prey that comes along the way.

Black Swallower with Prey in its stomach, See the size of it OMG

Image source: Barcroft and wikipedia

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Did you Know that A man survived for 40 years without sleeping.

A Hungarian man couldn’t sleep for 40+ years after getting shot in the head. See how he survived!

Scientists were puzzled when a Hungarian soldier named M. Paul Kern, who was wounded on the Eastern Front in 1915 by a Russian bullet to the frontal lobe, returned home from World War I unable to fall asleep.

Despite several attempts by doctors to cure Kern of his sleeplessness using sleeping pills and other aids, the man never saw a wink of sleep again.

Miraculously, his affliction did not cause him many problems. Kern kept his eyes open for several years, allegedly living for 40 years after his injury without any signs of deterioration.

Kern claimed that the only thing that bothered him about not being able to fall asleep was that he occasionally experienced headaches. The cause of his abnormality was never found.


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11 Hottest Mugshots of Criminals

11 Hottest Mugshots of Criminals

We have compiled the List of Hottest Criminal Here. Their looks are killer, only problem is that their behaviour is not that good. With that said, here is a list of 11 hot looking men and women who’ve had their mugshots taken for committing criminal offenses.11 Dangerously Hot Men And Women Who Are Convicted Criminals

Jeremy Meek

Jeremy Meek’s mugshot went viral after it was posted on the Stockton Police Department Facebook Page. He got more attention for his great looks rather than his misdemeanors. His mugshot even led to #FelonCrushFriday on Twitter.When his mugshot was posted on Facebook, it got more that 7,000 shares and 60,000 likes. Blue-eyed and chisel-faced Meeks is married and a father of two.

Image source: huffpost.com

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High IQ People can be rejected from Joining Police force in US

In the US, people can be rejected from joining the police force if they are too intelligent.

This is not the first time I’ve seen a story like this, it is apparently typical hiring policy for police in many areas. Let’s face it, they want a dumbed-down police force that’s just smart enough to follow orders. We just can’t have our police thinking too much or questioning procedure!

This story says that the average I.Q. for a cop is 104, if that is accurate it means there are thousands of police with I.Q.’s in the 80-100 range. Is it any surprise then thatincidents of police brutality and abuses upon citizens (as well as the Constitution) are now so frequent? Read more

This Stray Dog was saved by a Traveller which Made Me Cry For Hours

What One World Traveller Did For This Stray Dog Made Me Cry For Hours

Scottish Cyclist Ishbel Taromsari  had planned for world travel, but wasnot expecting this. While Travelling she found a stray dog on verge of death. She being a good human stopped to help his dog friend and what happened next is Awesome and will definitely melt your heart. Watch this amazing story below. You can navigate using next and previous button.

While she was in middle of World tour, in Ishbel, turkey, She noticed a stray dog which was being attacked by other Dogs.

Source:(H/T Hurriyet Daily News)

Starving Dog Is Rescued And Has A Touching Transformation

This Dog was really in Poor Shape, He has not eaten anything for days and was very weak and was in very poor state.When this photographer found Luna, she just knew she needed to save her. And watching this pup’s transformation and finding her new forever home melted my heart.

Starving Dog Is Rescued And Has A Touching Transformation

The Story of Luna

The Story of Luna Part I & II from Nuvue Cinema on Vimeo.

Awesome Video of a Dog cheating His Way To Victory

Dachshund Cheats His Way To Victory During A Friendly Dog Race.

Watch this Cute Amazing Video of a Dog who wants to win this race at any cost. We always thinks that dog are similiar to human and this video is living proof of it.This little wiener dog takes this race way too seriously and wants to win either by hook or crook. He just want First Place, See the below video what he does to achieve his Goal. Its Really Cute.

(Source: Majestic Creature)

Hitler meeting a member of the League of German Maidens (Color)

A colour photo of Hitler meeting a member of the League of German Maidens. Memeber of League of German Maidens gifting a Flower to hitler.

Source: SWNS.com


The League of German Girls or (cognate) Band of German Maidens (German: Bund Deutscher Mädel, BDM) was the girls’ wing of the Nazi Party youth movement, the Hitler Youth. It was the only female youth organization in Nazi Germany.

At first, the League consisted of two sections: the Jungmädel, or Young Girls’ League, for girls ages 10 to 14, and the League proper for girls ages 14 to 18. In 1938, a third section was introduced, the Faith and Beauty Society (BDM-Werk Glaube und Schönheit), which was voluntary and open to girls between the ages of 17 and 21. Read more

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