Kid Scientifically Proves That Whistling Is Physically Impossible

Many of us are unable to whistle and so does Spencer. But Only problem is the he is 100% confirmed that whistling is Physically impossible. He even tries to prove his case by giving evidences to his dad. Its so Adorable. He shows the evidence by Adorably failing to whistle. its So Cute. Don’t worry spencer, You have a lot of time and you will be able to whistle, its not that impossible :).The face he makes while trying whistle is very cute and gave us a good laugh.

 Kid Scientifically Proves That Whistling Is Physically Impossible

(Source: Steve Rossen)

Steven, Just keep trying. It is not diffcult. One day you will become a Master Whistler  and I will add you to my Master League of Whistlers 😉
You’ll get the hang of it one day, Spencer. That’s when you’ll realize that wolf whistling is the realimpossibility. Until then, keep trying and don’t give up!

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Dog gets a New Hand and Look how Happy he is!

Nothing warms our hearts more than seeing an animal recover from an injury that most would have thought was irreversible. Nothing warms our hearts more than seeing an animal recover from an injury that most would have thought was irreversible. This guy lost his hand due to accident and was facing many issues while walking. So his human friends decided to give him a new hand.  Look how happy he is now. Whenever you are in any problem, just watch this image, it will lift your spirit.

Boom! He gets it. “Look mom! I’ve got a lil’ hand that looks just like yours!”


Dog saves Owner from Polar Bear Attack!

What This Brave Guard Dog Did To Protect His Turf Took A Lot Of Guts. Watch this incredible Video of Dog saving his human friend from Polar Bear. Dogs are Man best Friend and this video is a proof of it. Nature can be unpredictable and specially in winter in northern area People may have to face Polar bear. Polar bear are biggest carnivore animal and when they attack, Its nearly impossible to get away from it. Watch How a sled dogs jumped to Albert Panizza’s rescue when a polar bear wandered into camp outside of Manitoba, Canada.

(Source DailyMail)

This polar bear grew interested in meeting a sled dog after meandering into camp.

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This Dog is a Real Hero. He saved his owner from Rattle snake.

Dogs are awesome and they are Man best friend. It was just a normal day. A family was playing in their place and then suddenly unexpected happened. A rattle snake was ready for his deadly strike. it was just beneath the Dog’owner Feet. But our heroic dog chef was alert and without wasting a single moment it lept and saved the owner.

We were playing tug-o-war in the backyard and Chief let go of the toy and lunged right at my feet, snarling so viciously I was scared of him. I stumbled back, fell on my rump, and by the time I looked back at Chief, he was whipping a long, thin thing back and forth violently. 

Below is photo of rattle snake which was ready to pounce.

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Turn Your Cat Into A Cartoon With This Awesome New Photo Meme

Cats are awesome and these meme makes them even more awesome. Cats like to play all the time. These Twitter users from Japan found the perfect way to make your cat look awesome and cool. Now you can make your cat into a cartoon just using a paper and pen. Isnot it simple. Yes it is and Result is Awesome.

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Your Cat is Now a cartoon


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The 18 Scariest Sinkholes Ever

You have all have seen in movies that people are  walking and suddenly ground below them start breaking. Its really a terrfying scene. Well in movies it is usually CGI animated but what if I tell you that it really happens in real world as well. its called nature’s scariest phenomenon, the sinkhole. Watch the below 18 Shocking images of Sinkholes. Please use next and previous button to navigate.

A sinkhole can open up and swallow cars, a piece of the road, homes, and businesses out of nowhere.

A sinkhole can form at anytime, anyplace and can swallow cars, human, animals, whole house or building. Its really dangerous.


Her Horse Was Sinking Quickly When She Did Something Unforgettable

Women saves Horse stuck in mud.This is a truly amazing tale that involves a woman, a horse, and a group of dedicated rescuers on a beach in Australia.

A woman was out for an afternoon ride with her daughter when her horse suddenly sunk neck deep into the thick mud of Avalon Beach in Geelong, Victoria. What followed, reports Newspix, was a grueling three-hour rescue caught in photos. Watch Below Photos to see this story in Action. Its simply Amazing.

Photos by Newspix/Rex / Rex USA (989619d)

A Trip Gone Wrong

Nicole Graham, of Melbourne, Australia wanted nothing more than to take a leisurely trot on her horse Astro, but what happened she could never have imagined in her worst nightmares.

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