PZ Myers pawns Hamza Tzortzis – Atheist Convention 2011

PZ Myers pawns Hamza Tzortzis & Adnan Rashid – Atheist Convention 2011

Check this video how hamza tzortzis, A self proclaimed islamic dawah preacher, tries to debate embryology with ebryologist PZ Myers and loose badly. Hamza Tzortzis & Adnan Rashid tried to prove the miracle of holy quran and failed miserably.  Thats why we should not believe blindly in anything. everything needs proof.

18 Weird Circus Performers from Past

These Vintage Photos Of Circus Performers Will Give You The Shivers.

People in past treated people with deformities or with birth defects as “freaks” and they were displayed in circus for public enjoyment. In today’s world it may seems cruel but it was perfectly ok in past. People used to came in large numbers to see them. Many become celebrities and used to charge very high amount per show. These images are very shocking and will definitely shock you.

1. Alice E. Doherty, also known on stage as “The Minnesota Woolly Baby”:

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