Celebs That Have Had Very Public Breakdowns

infamous celebrity meltdowns. What is it about being famous that drives some stars over the edge?

Celebs That Have Had Very Public Breakdowns.While it may seem like a wonderful thing to be a famous person, it can’t be easy being in the public eye all the time, especially if you are under any kind of duress. Whether suffering from mental illness, a traumatic brain injury or simply in need of some down time, celebrities often find their personal issues and episodes exposed for the entire world to see, and in turn, critique. Which—let’s just be honest here—is enough to drive even the sanest person a little wonky, even under the best circumstances.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan went from Disney’s darling to a story that parents tell their children at night as a cautionary tale. The Mean Girls star morphed from a sweet young girl of considerable talent into a troubled actress, openly battling issues with substance abuse while hopping in and out of rehab facilities. Sadly, the paparazzi did little to provide the troubled New York native with any privacy, and every single one of her episodes was well documented by the media, leaving her little room to recoup. Perhaps it was all too much too fast for The Parent Trap star?

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