This Deep Sea Fish “black swallower” Can Eat Prey 10 Times Its Own Size

The black swallower, Chiasmodon niger, is a species of deep sea fish in the family Chiasmodontidae, notable for its ability to swallow fish larger than itself (for which it is sometimes named the “great swallower”).Most Deep Sea creatures look like they are from alien land. It is due to the extreme high pressure and total darkness. These creatures are straight from Hell. One of these fish called “The Black Swallower” can kill and eat its prey almost 1o times its size. The black swallower fish is an astonishing eater because it can eat other fishes that are more than four times its size. It has a clear survival technique – eat loads when there is a chance, for the reason that the food deep down is scarce. They are greedy buggers as they prey targets that are far too big for their distended stomachs to digest fully. They often die due to indigestion.As the food is very rare in deep sea ocean, these fishes have adapted to eat whatever prey that comes along the way.

Black Swallower with Prey in its stomach, See the size of it OMG

Image source: Barcroft and wikipedia