Dog dials 911 to Save his Owner life

Dogs are best friend of human, and they are very intelligent too. A 17-pound beagle named Belle dialed 911 to save his life.Belle was awarded VITA Wireless Samaritan Award in 2006 for biting onto owner Kevin Weaver’s cell phone to call 911 after the diabetic man had a seizure and collapsed.

His Owner,Weaver said :

“There is no doubt in my mind that I’d be dead if I didn’t have Belle,”

Belle had been trained to summon help in just those circumstances. She had been taught to bite down on the number 9 on his cell phone contacting 911.”

Using their keen sense of smell, animals like Belle can detect abnormalities in a person’s blood-sugar levels. The dog periodically licks Weaver’s nose to take her own reading of his blood-sugar level. If something seems off to her, she will paw and whine at him.

She is Amazing dog, She also helps in controlling his human blood sugar levels.

“Every time she paws at me like that I grab my meter and test myself,” Weaver said. “She’s never been wrong.”

Dogs are Man best friend.