Did you Know that A man survived for 40 years without sleeping.

A Hungarian man couldn’t sleep for 40+ years after getting shot in the head. See how he survived!

Scientists were puzzled when a Hungarian soldier named M. Paul Kern, who was wounded on the Eastern Front in 1915 by a Russian bullet to the frontal lobe, returned home from World War I unable to fall asleep.

Despite several attempts by doctors to cure Kern of his sleeplessness using sleeping pills and other aids, the man never saw a wink of sleep again.

Miraculously, his affliction did not cause him many problems. Kern kept his eyes open for several years, allegedly living for 40 years after his injury without any signs of deterioration.

Kern claimed that the only thing that bothered him about not being able to fall asleep was that he occasionally experienced headaches. The cause of his abnormality was never found.