Meet Zeus, the rescued blind owl with eyes like the Beautiful night sky

Zeus, a blind Western Screech Owl is different from other owls. His eyes are like Beautiful night sky with sparkling stars. Zeus was injured and unable to fly after an accident which sadly made him blind.He was found on a porch in Southern California.

Some Good people found him and veterinarians checked him and concluded that it is now not possible to free him to wild due to his lost of vision.

Zeus has found a permanent home at the Wildlife Learning Center of Sylmar, in California, and right now he lives on top of a filing cabinet in the office of Paul Hahn, the founder of the Center.

Zeus eyes looks incredible . it looks like a whole galaxy is in eyes which was due to fibrin and blood clots. We are sad that he cannot see now. We hope that in future he will also able to see. Currently he is given the best treatment possible in the wild life facility.

More info on the Wildlife Learning Center’s website.

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